Meet John Logsdon

John E. Logsdon, Realtor

can be reached through the following:
Office Number: (317) 257 - 7718
Cell Number:    (317) 590 - 0854 (Preferred)
Facsimile Number:(317) 255 - 0854

John Logsdon's business activities are as follows:

John Logsdon, an Associate Broker with McLane Realty, Inc. is actively involved with investment and rental properties in Washington Township. His thirty years of real estate participation has resulted with him becoming a valuable source for real estate knowledge and professional insight.

John Logsdon has been a public servant in the Indianapolis community. From 1995 to 2003, John was elected and serves as the Constable of Washington Township. During his tenure as Constable, John was involved in resolving landlord-tenant disputes throughout the Township.

John Logsdon interacts and consults with fellow investors to provide the insight and advice in locating and acquiring investment properties.

John Logsdon in addition to his involvement with McLane Realty, Inc. owns and operates J & S Properties, which specializes in the acquisition and renovation of distressed and discounted properties and the leasing of those rehabilitated properties in the marketplace.

John Logsdon has recently formed a new construction service company, J. Logsdon Construction, LLC., to more efficiently service and rehabilitate properties for his own and other investor portfolios.

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