Marketing Plan
McLane Realty, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest professional standards to serve you, the client. McLane Realty, Inc. wants to maximize the exposure of your property to the market place so that you can obtain the uppermost value in the shortest period of time.

To that end, the McLane Realty, Inc. sales agent will perform the following:

  • Meet with the property owner or its property representative to garner needed information.
  • Research, through available computerized sources, market activity relating to your property.
  • Obtain public records from the local township assessor, county auditor and county treasurer.
  • Correlate all available sources of information to assist in forming an opinion of your property’s market value.
  • Discuss with you the unique real estate commission arrangement.
  • Discuss what parameters you, the seller/lessor, want in regard to how your property is marketed.
    • Placement of a “For Sale”/”For Lease” sign on the property, if desired and/or allowed.
    • Placement of a property information box, if desired and/or allowed.
    • Notify via email other successful real estate agents about your listing.
    • Schedule an office tour.
    • Send customized marketing announcements to neighbors and potential buyers by either direct mail, facsimile and/or email.
    • Placement of newspaper advertisements.
    • Notify other clients about your property.
    • Hold an open house for at large clients and/or for other brokers, if desired.
    • Entry of property information in the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors, Multiple Listing Service, (MLS), the National Association of Realtors,, and other internet marketing sources.
    • Speciality advertising, i.e., virtual tour, magazines, newspapers and/or street signage will be discussed to determine to what extent and how funds should be spent in marketing the property.
    • Coordinate showing appointments.
  • Prepare and review your listing contract
  • Your property will be critiqued so its best presentable appearance and impression is given to potential buyers.
  • The exterior measurements of all improvements cited on the township assessor’s parcel information card will be compared to measurements taken by the agent.
  • Interior measurements will be taken.
  • Exterior and interior photographs, if desired, of your property will be taken.
  • Plat maps and/or aerial photographs will be used as part of the marketing material.
  • All electronic mail will be transmitted using Adobe software.
  • Communicate as needed or at a minimum, weekly, regarding property activity.
  • All agents are available for your convenience through their office, home, and/or cell phone, email, and/or fax.
  • Quickly transmit and discuss all Offers to Purchase, Lease, and/or Exchange.
  • Prepare and convey all Counter Offers.
  • Represent your best interests at all times.
  • Advise that contingencies of the Purchase Agreement are satisfied.
  • Assist in coordination for closing time/paperwork.

McLane Realty, Inc. is here to serve you with trusted, efficient, timely service to help you realize your goal of selling, leasing and/or exchanging your property.

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