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McLane Realty, Inc. was founded in 1978 by William J. McLane, Jr., CCIM, GAA, CAM.

Mclane Realty, Inc. has over 30 years of active experience in the real estate business. In that time frame multiple millions of sold and/or leased real estate has occurred. Additionally, thousands of real estate customers have realized the joy of a successful real estate transaction.

McLane Realty, Inc. has evolved into a leading source for personal service in the fields of commercial, industrial, investment, and residential real estate providing excellent service for brokerage, leasing, consulting, and appraising of real estate.

McLane Realty, Inc. recognizes the importance of having clear communication with its clients to provide the professional services that can satisfy their objectives. For over 30 years McLane Realty, Inc. has provided professional personalized service that has allowed its reputation to grow as the trusted real estate source.

McLane Realty, Inc. and its agents are professionally schooled and prepared. They are ready to streamline real estate intricacies for you whether you are selling, leasing or exchanging properties.

McLane Realty, Inc. provides a source for professional and certified appraisals throughout the State of Indiana.

McLane Realty, Inc. has vast experience in the appraising of land, residences, commercial buildings used for office and retail, income producing properties like apartments and office complexes, warehouse facilities, net lease property interests, partial interests, "Conservation Easements", condemnation and other speciality areas relating to estates and marital settlements.

McLane Realty, Inc. and its agents are involved in real estate. They continue to make themselves sharper to better serve their clients by attending current educational classes and keeping abreast of the latest technological resources.

McLane Realty, Inc. invites you into its web page to research available properties for sale, lease, exchange, and/or availability through other real estate providers such as the National Association of Realtors, , Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors,, and/or Indiana Commercial Board of Realtors,

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