McLane Realty, Inc. has invested its resources to be a leader in an ever changing and evolving technological field.

McLane Realty, Inc. is in the digital world. Technology has paid dividends to its clients. Why? Because the McLane Realty, Inc. through its web capabilities, has quick access to valuable real estate information, plat maps, aerial photographs, parcel numbers, street addresses, legal descriptions, tax assessments, annual taxes, zoning classifications, land size, house and building sizes, neighboring properties that are, or have been, marketed, census tracts, demographics, business centers, parks, utility lines, sewer lines, flood plain maps, and neighborhood associations. The Internet has revolutionized the ability of our real estate agents to get quality data at a fraction of the time it once took. Consequently, McLane Realty, Inc.’s clients are better served to obtain real estate information quicker and easier through its capabilities of modern technology.

McLane Realty, Inc. is a contractual user of a la mode, inc. software. This firm is one of the leading appraisal software providers in the industry. a la mode’s tools are at the cutting edge of the real estate appraising industry. a la mode, inc. keeps all required Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae forms current so that the appraising report is acceptable to any lender. Through their software, appraisal reports address the features of the subject property including access to FEMA maps, location maps, digital photographs that clearly titled which makes for easy reading for the client.

McLane Realty, Inc., through its technology, has access to all available county and state, federal and national providers for real estate data.

McLane Realty, Inc. has and will continue to seek those innovative and current technologies to provide you, the client, with the best available service.

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